Smart Parents in the Know: April Wins

Written By Melanie Studer

Melanie Prather Studer has spent the last thirty years as a mother and teacher- preschool through middle school. When her kids became teenagers, Melanie started keeping notes and doing research to help her children get a head start on getting into college and ultimately out into the real world. She shares real world ideas and solutions for raising teens in today’s world.

April 26, 2020

Ideas for Parents in April

What I’m learning and loving in the month of April! “Smart Parents” is a series that I’m continuing.  I will talk about a few things that I am learning and loving in my life right now. This may include recipes, books, movies and gadgets, etc. Here are some ideas for parents in April.

Please know that I am thinking of you in these hard days, and will try to find fun and useful things to share with you each month!

(Here is the post for March) Let me know what you are learning and loving so that I can add that to future posts!  Without further ado, here are my ideas for parents in April. *This post may contain affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase.

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Do you love Ikea’s meatballs? They released the recipe for people in quarantine.  Here is the recipe!

What does graduation look like these days? Here are some really creative ideas…

FDA approves first at-home coronavirus testing kits!

Dogs are learning how to sniff out coronavirus!

I love finding out things that are cool for this monthly blog post. If you ever find out something that is cool, please share with me!

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Movie: We have been watching many movies with our boys. We talked last night to decide what has been our favorite. By far, we all agreed that Napoleon Dynamite was our top pick for humor and good clean fun. It appeals to all ages, and is perfect for tween even though it is rated PG, there is no nudity, bad language, sex, drinking, smoking-really anything. It deals with so many high school themes that is is the perfect movie for younger kids to see what is coming, and older ones to reminisce. A close second was Ferris Bueller!

Gadget: Hair clippers -We have this model, and the boys have given each other haircuts. We even trim our dog with this. It is super easy to wash all the separate pieces between uses. With all of us homebound, and hairdressers and barbers not able to work, these come in handy.

Book: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (A Hunger Games prequel) If you liked the Hunger Games series of books, then this is for you. It is only available for preorder now, and I cannot wait for it to come! This is the history of Snow as a young person, and maybe some insight as to why he became the person we all love to hate. I am so excited to read this!

Game: My kids grew up playing mah jongg because my mom and her friends have played for the past 30 years. My mom taught my sisters and me, and then we taught all of our kids. Did you know that it is possible to play mah jongg with cards? It’s the same game, just with cards. This way of playing is great for traveling, and is just as fun as playing with the tiles.

My boys all really love this game. Because you have to hold so many cards in your hands, these card rack organizers are great! Here is a guide to playing mah jongg which is very similar to gin with runs and groups–with wild cards. If you haven’t played, it’s a great time to try!

Quote: That is one good thing about this world… There are always sure to be more springs.” -L. M. Montgomery

Ideas for parents in April

I hope that you like my ideas for parents in April! Some other posts that might be helpful this time of the year: How Will We Pay For College This Coming Fall?, Best Graduation Gift Guide, Ways That You Can Help Your Teen Prepare For Finals

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